USA 2022 American Eagle Ag999 1 oz Artificial Intelligence



The 2022 American Silver Eagle Artificial Intelligence coin is what happens when the Germania Mint looks at a popular, classic coin and asks, ‘What can we do to make this better?” This is part of what the mint calls the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ series. In this series they apply a ‘UV Effect’ and colouring to bring out the original design in a new, and unique way. Instead of detracting from the original design, this effect seeks to bring its beauty out in a new way. On this coin, Walking Liberty is highlighted with this blue UV Effect finish that makes the lady into an android walking.


Key features:

  • Made of 1 oz .999 fine silver
  • Very limited mintage of 777 piece worldwide
  • Part of the Artificial Intelligence series from the Germania Mint
  • Original American Silver Eagle coin minted by the United States Mint and then ennobled by the Germania Mint
  • Ennobled coin is no longer legal tender
  • Individual number engraved on the relief
  • Glow in the Dark effect


On the obverse of this coin, The Walking Liberty coin has a new look. She is now an android version of herself thanks to the UV Effect and colouring. Her head has a computer chip design across it. This effect makes her pop more from the blue stars and constellations background. The word ‘LIBERTY’ is left silver so that it contrasts with the dark blue background. ‘In God We Trust’ is also left silver. Added to this side is the individual number this coin is given out of 777 possible numbers. This, too, is in silver. When you turn out the lights, the Walking Lady Droid glows in the dark.


The reverse side of the coin features the usual eagle landing clutching a stick. It is left silver while the rest of the coin is dark blue and has stars and transistors in the background.