Two Dollar Limited Edition Pack



Two Dollar Limited Edition Pack

An essential for anyone who owns its $1 counterpart, the Last Two Dollar Limited Edition Pack offers that same attractive combination of history, presentation, quality and, best of all, value.

Driven from use by inflation, and by the obvious contrast in cost efficiency when compared with a possible $2 coin, the $2 note was consigned to history in 1985. It was last issued during the Johnston/Fraser signature combination. The $2 coin that replaced it was crafted from aluminium-bronze, and was rightly thought to be a more durable, more economical alternative to the paper note.

Issued in Australia's bicentennial year, the new $2 recognised the nation's indigenous cultures, with the design featuring a tribal elder beneath the Southern Cross.

Headlined by premium grade examples of these crucial types, protected behind archival quality bubble for long-term preservation, this presentation spans both sides of Australia's currency crossroads. An interesting addition to your own collection or a value-for-money gift, each set is:

- comprised of a 1985 Last Signature Johnston/Fraser $2 note in Uncirculated quality
- endowed with a Brilliant Uncirculated example of the first 1988 $2 coin
- beautifully presented within a full-colour pack measuring 244mm x 174mm