The Great Aussie Coin Hunt 3 2022 26-Coin Silver Proof Collection


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The Great Aussie Coin Hunt 3 2022 26-Coin Silver Proof Collection

Limited to just 800 produced
26 silver proof coin set

There’s no shortage of Australianisms and with the Great Aussie Coin Hunt 3, you’ll discover 26 more! Showcased across 26 fine silver proof $1 coins, this coin hunt celebrates some of the nation’s favourite brands, landmarks, animals, people, tasty treats and sayings. No doubt you’ll recognise many, but we’re sure you’ll learn a thing or two as well. This is the Royal Australian Mint and Australia Post’s nod to the everyday things that unite us under the Southern Cross.

From the endless horizon of the Nullarbor Plain to the sweet surprise of a Darrell Lea chocolate, these are just some of the things unique to our island home. Presenting the Great Aussie Coin Hunt 3 – the complete A to Z of some of Australia’s most iconic past-times, people and national delicacies! Celebrating a truly diverse nation, discover something new about our magnificent flora and fauna, our fascinating history and our remarkable people. This is a hunt you don’t want to miss, with each silver proof coin showcasing something we can all call our own.