Royal Canadian Mint 2022 The Imperial State Crown 1 oz .9999 Silver Proof Coin `

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Just as the 16 coloured and four brilliant crystal and glass stones add brilliance to enhance this one ounce $20 fine silver coin, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II served to enhance the lives and well-being of her subjects. The coin is double dated 1952-2022 representing the years of the Queen’s reign, and is one of the highlights of the 2023 release memorial coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Mintage is 8,000. 

 The Design:

The design features the Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by an artistic representation of the Imperial State Crown, as viewed from above. An arrangement of 16 blue and green glass stones stand in for the array of precious stones that adorn the crown, while four sparking white crystals—one for each of the effigies that have graced Canada’s coins since 1953, relate to the four different effigies of Her Majesty that have appeared on Canadian coins.

One of the most iconic pieces of royal regalia known as the Crown Jewels, the Imperial State Crown was worn by Queen Elizabeth II on formal occasions and upon leaving Westminster Abbey after her coronation in 1953; and in the many years that followed, this was the crown that represented both her authority as Head of State and the grace with which she reigned.

The obverse features a new tribute design combining the four effigies of Queen Elizabeth that have graced Canadian coinage since her coronation in 1953. The effigies span from showing the young Queen at the age of 27 at her coronation to the most recent effigy used through her 2022 platinum jubilee in 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II:

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, and acceded to the throne on February 6, 1952 upon the death of her father King George VI. Her coronation was held on June 2, 1953. Her Majesty ruled with grace and dignity for more than 70 years until her death on September 8th , 2022.