Royal Australian Mint Elizabeth Regina - HM Queen Elizabeth II Commemoration 2023 50c UNC Coin



Historically, coins bear witness to a Monarch's reign with their Royal Effigies appearing on the Obverse.  Her Late Majesty's seven decaes of service is numismatically symbolised through her six Effigies to have appear on Australian Coins.

These stunning portraits are the focal point of the reverse design of this coin.  With them the Royal Australian Mint commemorates the momentous Second Elizabethan Era.

The Coin's reverse features a central deisng depicting the Six Effigies of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to have appeared on Australian Coin, fanned above the Queen's Royal Cypher.

The Central design is framed with Lily of the Valley, one of the Queen's favourite flowers & golden Wattle, Austrlia's National Floral Emblem.

Designers J. Clark & A. Ball