Royal Australian Mint Aussie Big Things Swoop 2023 PNC



This postal numismatic cover commemorates the realm of Aussie Big Things as a part of the celebrations for Collecting Month 2023, prominently featuring the Big Swoop $1 coin.

Situated in Garema Place at the heart of Canberra, the Big Swoop sculpture takes center stage. Depicting an Australian Magpie in its distinctive black-and-white plumage, engrossed in pecking at a hot chip, this artwork encapsulates a blend of affection and ambivalence toward these ubiquitous avian creatures. Magpies, noted for their melodious and yodeling calls, as well as their curious disposition, form an integral part of Australia's avian population. The creation of local artist Yanni Pounartzis, this structure stands tall at 2.4 meters, stretches 3.5 meters in length, and boasts a weight equivalent to half a metric tonne.