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The Dragon is the fifth of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Dragon commences on 10 February 2024 and concludes on 28 January 2025. The Dragon symbolises power, honour and success in traditional Chinese culture. Chinese legend states that in the beginning, dragons lived alongside human beings as the first creatures, providing protection and guidance. People born under the Dragon sign are therefore said to be confident, lucky, noble and gifted. The Fortune Dragon is brave, bold and powerful, energised for the coming year. The peony flower, gold ingot and Chinese coin symbolise wealth and prosperity. The Happy Dragon is said to ward off evil spirits with its loud firecrackers. The chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of happiness and vitality, and the cloud motif is an auspicious omen of peace, as well as representing the Dragon’s association with life-giving rain. The Lucky Dragon is decorated with Chinese plum blossoms, which symbolise prosperity and good luck, as well as perseverance, due to their ability to flourish in cold weather. Red envelopes (known as “Ang Bao” or “red packets”) are a key part of Lunar New Year celebrations. Children bestow their best wishes upon their elders and, in return, receive money in red envelopes along with wishes of good luck, happiness and health for the coming year. Lanterns represent good fortune, letting go of the past and welcoming a positive future. The colour red is featured heavily in the designs, for good luck and happiness, and gold symbolises wealth and fortune.

Perfect serviceVariety of coins, shopping experience, packaging, fast delivery, beautiful coins and a great customer service (included Tim Tam cookie). Very professional, I strongly recommend it!
— Luigi from Japan
HUGE shout out!To Greg for his amazing services, I had an order issue on release day and Greg promptly called me to sort it out, I got the package today and again more than exceeded my expectations, the care taken to pack the items was exceptional, and the Tim Tam just the icing on the cake, 110% happy and will be back for more as soon as my wife lets me lol. Thanks, Greg and the team
— Andrew Malyszko
Very pleased with your service.I have completed several purchases with My Collectables. My purchases always have arrived on time with excellent packing showing that you really care about after sales delivery. Very happy in my dealings with your company.
— Russell Plummer
Absolutely amazing service.Products come well packed and beautifully wrapped, with a little treat inside. My husband gave me a Mystery box for Xmas. WOW so many exciting coins that I didn’t have. A must for all collectors.
— Sue