Memory - End of Humanity - 2022 Niue $5 2oz Silver Coin



2022 Niue $5 2oz Silver Coin - End of Humanity - Memory

This time it’s a 2 oz coin, the first in a new series we’ve entitled “END OF HUMANITY”. It’s a depiction of a post-apocalyptic world, in which humans have created an AI to replace almost all human functions  to the point of human destruction and extinction, with the world populated solely by androids and other AIs. On each coin we represent a quality of the human being that has been lost forever, as it seems that there is no human being left alive on earth. For the first coin in the series we have chosen MEMORY, represented by a small domestic android that once accompanied a child, standing on a school bus in the middle of a city desolated by destruction, pointing and longing sadly for the teddy bear that once belonged to its owner.

The title of the series has been placed on what was once a road sign, amidst ivy and rust, and the title of the first coin has been placed on another, smaller sign hanging from the pole of a broken traffic light.

In the obverse we depict the moment when an AI presses the button that would bring about the destruction and disappearance of the human race. Will it really be the end of the human race? We shall see…