Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo 2023 $1 1oz Silver Proof Coin



Inspired by John Gould’s famous illustrations of Australia’s colourful birdlife, this rich silver coin celebrates one of Australia’s most iconic birds. The Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo gives new meaning to ‘pretty in pink’. A true collector’s item, underpinned by rarity and attention to detail, make sure you don’t miss your chance to own it.

This stunning species of bird is s named after Major Sir Thomas Mitchell, an explorer and surveyor of Southeast Australia in the 1800s. Native to Australia, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is easily recognisable by its pink and white colouring and elegant head crest - often displaying shades of red and even yellow. Highly intelligent and playful, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo has been revered in Aboriginal culture and is now celebrated in the form of this EXCLUSIVE 1oz PURE SILVER coin – limited to just 750 worldwide.

Known as the father of Australian ornithology, John Gould’s exquisitely illustrated masterpiece, ‘The Birds of Australia’, was the first comprehensive tome on Australian birdlife. Utilising the latest in DIGITAL COLOUR MINTING, our latest coin showcases Gould’s illustration of Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo in a new light- accentuating the beauty of the bird’s pale pink and white plumage.

The pop of pink stands out magnificently against the sparkling silver of the coin’s reverse, which also features the JG privymark, struck in John Gould’s honour. Part of a strictly limited worldwide mintage, and underpinned with a Certificate of Authenticity, collectors and bird lovers will have to act fast to get their hands on this beauty.