Kangaroo 2023 $1 1/2oz Fighting Spirit Silver Proof Coin



Australia's fighting kangaroo's, with their powerful hind legs and tail, have come to symbolise our national sporting prowess and fighting spirit. Under this symbol, Australians have achieved some of our greatest sporting triumphs.

The Royal Australian Mint's new 2023 $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin - Fighting Spirit, feraturing two majestic kangaroos engaged in spirited combat, evokes that character and courage. British naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough observed that to reach the peak of kangaroo society, a member had to become a fighter in a power struggle, risking internal injuries and broken bones.

Early European settlers quickly likened this conduct to a boxing match. Like boxers in the ring, the two contestants square off against each other, though use of paws, claws and feet means contests are more mixed martial arts than Queensberry rules. The boxing kangaroo has come to symbolise Australian sporting prowess and fighting spirit and has accompanied Australians to war and stood proud over some of our greatest sporting triumphs.