Colours of Paradise 3 x 2022 Maple Leaf



 The Colours of Paradise set is what you get when a master mint decides to apply their art skills to a classic high quality coin. The Germania Mint started with three 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple coins and coated them with gold color on the front, back and sides. Then they painted pictures of beautiful birds found in island forests on the reverse side of the coins. The three birds are the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, the Greater Bird of Paradise, and the Fiery Throated Hummingbird. These birds are very colorful and gorgeous. They then use a ‘funky holo’ treatment which gives it an amazing, captivating look. The image covers the full side of this coin which normally has the image of a Canadian Maple Leaf. 

 On the obverse of the coin is Canadian artist Susanna Blunt’s Queen Elizabeth II. Traditionally, this coin has featured the queen at different times in her life and this one shows her at age 79. The queen is facing right in this portrait and she is wearing a simple dress, a pearl necklace, and pearl earrings. She looks as though she is entertaining guests or something more casual but yet has a stately, confident look about her. On her right shoulder is ‘SB’ for the artist’s initials. Above the portrait is ‘Elizabeth II’. Below the queen is ‘5 DOLLARS 2022’. On this side, you can really see the gold coloring and how it accentuates the design.