2021 $2 AlBr Uncirculated Tooth Fairy Coin-in-Card



2021 $2 AlBr Uncirculated Tooth Fairy Coin-in-Card

For decades, Australian children have marked the occasion of losing a baby tooth by leaving the tooth out at night for the ‘Tooth Fairy’ to collect and replace with a coin. This Tooth Fairy Coin-In Card makes the occasion extra special for children with this unique coin.

The legend of the Tooth Fairy has been treasured by Australian children since the 1920s, based on centuries-old traditions of replacing baby teeth with a gift. In modern times parents and grandparents often enhance the sense of magic with special keepsakes.

This Tooth Fairy Coin-in-Card celebrates the special relationship between the Tooth Fairy and the Royal Australian Mint, official supplier of coins to the Tooth Fairy in Australia. The Coin is intended as a special gift from parents, grandparents and others to children – to mark the occasion of losing baby teeth with a special keepsake Tooth Fairy coin.

Specially designed Tooth Fairy coin -in-card

Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed Jody Clark

Australian legal tender