2021 1oz.9999 Silver BU Coin - Interkosmos: Gagarin



2021 1oz .9999 Silver BU Coin - Interkosmos: Gagarin

Limited mintage: 15000 coins worldwide

Contains: 1 oz of 999.9 Fine Silver

Package: Capsule, Certificate of Authenticity

Yuri Gagarin flew only one cosmic mission, but in 1961 he made history as the first man in space. The 60th anniversary of this historic event is celebrated with the Gagarin 1 oz Silver BU commemorative round. Struck by Germania Mint for the Red Star project, it is the first one from the new Interkosmos series, presenting the achievements and symbols of the Soviet space program.

The obverse of the first medal of the series depicts Yuri Gagarin and the Vostok 1 rocket, with which he reached orbit, the planet Earth in the background and the inscription “Gagarin – the first man in space”. The reverse features the State Emblem of the Soviet Union and the denomination – 10 victories.

The medal will be available as 1 oz 999.9 Silver BU, issued in limited mintage of 15 000 pieces with certificate. There will also be released a special edition of 607 ennobled and numbered medals – Interkosmos: Gagarin Orbital 1 oz BU, referring to the Vostok 1 rocket launch time at 6:07 AM.

Red Star is a new numismatic project, the aim of which is to acquaint Collectors all over the world with coins referring to the symbolism of the Soviet era.