2021 $1 Four Coin Mintmark and Privy Mark Set Uncirculated Coins (C,S,B,M) - Centenary of Royal Australian Air Force



PLEASE NOTE that these coins has been sourced from third party and outer sleeves may have some marks and scratches on them.

2021 $1 Four Coin Mintmark and Privy Mark Set Uncirculated Coins (C,S,B,M) - Centenary of Royal Australian Air Force

Heroes of the Sky - Warrant Officer Len Waters

Born on a northern New South Wales Aboriginal reserve in 1924, Warrant Officer Len Waters was a Kamilaroi man who defied poverty and discrimination to achieve his ambition to fly. As a child during the Great Depression in outback Queensland, he made model aeroplanes from cast-off packing cases, seeking to emulate the feats of his aviation heroes.

In the Second World War, Len Waters enlisted in the RAAF on 24 August 1942. Training first as a flight mechanic, he was later accepted for pilot training. Posted to 78 Squadron RAAF, he served in the South-West Pacific Area in 1944-45, first at Noemfoor and then Morotai and Tarakan in what is now Indonesia. Flying a Kittyhawk P-40N fighter he made 41 strike missions against fortified Japanese positions, and another 54 operational flights.

Warrant Officer Waters was the RAAF’s only known Indigenous fighter pilot in the war. Post-war he returned to shearing, frustrated by government silence that greeted his applications for a civil pilot’s licence. When he died in 1993 the RAAF honoured him with a “Missing Man” flyover at his funeral.

• Coin’s reverse design commemorates the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force

• Packaging features illustration of WOFF Len Waters

• Set contains ‘C’ Mintmark and ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘B’ Privy Mark coins

• Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark

• Australian legal tender