2020 £5 3oz Silver Antiqued Coin - Isle of Man - Boudica


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2020 £5 3oz Silver Antiqued Coin - Isle of Man -  Boudica

This beautiful 3oz Silver coin is dedicated to the warrior queen – Boudica.

The coin has a beautifully shaped as a Celtic cross thanks to the Smartminting technology, has a wonderful design, has an Antique Finish quality and comes in a case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited mintage to only 999 pieces worldwide.

The Return of Britain’s Legendary Warrior Queen

When the Romans set out to conquer the British Isles, they didn’t count on being nearly pushed back into the sea by an enraged warrior queen bent on revenge. But that’s what almost happened in AD 60 or 61 when Queen Boudica of the Celtic Iceni Tribe retaliated after her husband was killed and her daughters were assaulted before her very eyes. Today, Boudica is a symbol of British pride and has inspired monarchs from every generation including Queen Elizbeth I, Queen Victoria and even today’s current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Boudica returns on this breathtaking 2020-dated cross-shaped coin struck in three full ounces of highly-pure 99.9% fine silver. Minted by Coin Invest Trust (CIT) for the Isle of Man, this amazing coin shows Boudica as a raw-boned warrior queen sitting on a tree stump dressed in full battle gear. Her helmet has been removed and rests at her feet allowing her long hair to flow freely. In her right hand she grips a battle axe ready to spill Roman blood! The background features an abstract raven design—a significant design element since Ravens were and still are a symbol of power for the British people.

Each coin in this offer comes in Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, meaning that they are the products of a superb strike that places them firmly among the elite of the run. In addition, the coins are deeply ornamented and richly layered with an antique finish to further showcase an incredible attention to detail. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the blade of Boudica’s axe has been carefully polished to create a shiny contrast against the antique finish. With its mixture of high relief combined with CIT’s patented Smartminting© technology, this coin is rife with classic Celtic symbols combined with a stylized field that takes on the appearance of an ancient hammered metal.

The look and feel of the coin perfectly captures the rich folklore of the Isle of Man. Often referred to simply as “Mann,” The Isle of Man is a small island located between Ireland and England and is home to a plethora of heroes, champions, and legends. The coin’s reverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II—who as head of state is the current Lord of Mann.

Just 999 of these incredible coins will be struck for worldwide release, and each coin in this offer will come in its original government packaging. Strike now to secure your amazing Boudica Silver Cross!

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