2020 $1 Coloured Uncirculated 11-Coin Set - Qantas Centenary



2020 $1 Coloured Uncirculated 11-Coin Set - Qantas Centenary

In 2020 Qantas celebrates its centenary. Acknowledging this historic occasion, the Royal Australian Mint presents this collection of 11 2020 $1 uncirculated coins. Each coloured proof coin features an aircraft from the Qantas fleet over the century. The eleventh is a special copper coin paying homage to the original Australian Kangaroo Penny, the inspiration for the Qantas Flying Kangaroo logo. 

Qantas, Australia’s own pioneering air service, will celebrate its centenary in 2020. At its foundation in western Queensland in 1920, Qantas first consisted of two aircraft and three staff, serving remote communities in inland Australia. The airline continued to grow, assisting the Royal Flying Doctors in the provision of medical aid in the outback, and supporting Australia with vital services during the Second World War, while maintaining crucial air contact with the United Kingdom.
As post-war Australia grew, Qantas continued to grow with the nation, bringing many new Australians to our shores, and allowing Australians to experience air travel for the first time. Nowadays Qantas is considered one of the world’s leading long-distance airlines, connecting Australia with the world.

• Coin collection includes 11 coloured $1 dollar  coins including a special commemorative  copper coin to pay homage to the Kangaroo Penny, the design inspiration for the Qantas Flying Kangaroo logo
• Each coin is individually packaged and housed in a specially designed box
• Includes a timeline of Qantas’ history
• Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark
• Australian legal tender
• Coins are not available separately