2018 $2 Twelve Coin Uncirculated Set - 30th Anniversary of the $2 Coin


2018 $2 Twelve Coin Uncirculated Set - 30th Anniversary of the $2 Coin

PLEASE NOTE that Poppy Coin have some imperfections (image attached).

On the 30th anniversary of Australia’s highest-value circulating coin, this special release unites twelve $2 coin designs to have entered into general circulation. With a unique opportunity to gaze at the range of designs and themes that the coin has marked over three decades, this set is a true celebration of the heritage, creativity and engineering excellence for which the Royal Australian Mint is renowned.

• A special twelve-coin uncirculated set, marking the 30th anniversary of the $2 coin
• Featuring 10 of the reverse designs to have adorned on the $2 coin since its introduction
• Eight coins feature colour printing
• Includes Remembrance Day coin designs from 2012 (coloured and uncoloured versions), 2014, 2015 and 2017
• Includes Lest We Forget coin designs from 2015, 2017 and 2018
• Includes the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee coin design from 2013
• Includes three standard design coins, with each featuring one of the three different obverse designs to grace the coin: The Raphael Maklouf effigy (1985-1997), the Ian RankBroadley effigy (1988-current) and the 50th Anniversary of Decimal Currency Design (2016)
• All coins dated 2018 to mark the $2 anniversary year
• Australian legal tender
• 30 000 mintage