2018 $1 Silver Proof Coin Kangaroo at Sunset



2018 $1 Silver Proof Coin Kangaroo at Sunset

Iconic to Australia, the Kangaroo at Sunset design sees a lone kangaroo bounding across the desolate landscape. From 2010, the design in timeless silver was first released following the success of the gold proof version over a number of years. With a limited mintage of 2500, the highly-anticipated 2018 silver Kangaroo at Sunset coin will be adored by collectors internationally, as well as domestically.

Released in this format since 2010, the silver Kangaroo at Sunset coin has been popular with coin collectors in the domestic and international markets. Positioned at a more accessible price point than its gold counterpart, the silver coin was a welcome addition to the Royal Australian Mint’s collection. Also, unlike the gold version, the silver proof coin is not subject to a ballot and may be ordered through normal sales channels which is a great way to secure this design.

The silver version of Kangaroo at Sunset bears the striking design by award-winning coin sculptor Wojciech Pietranik featuring a lone kangaroo bounding across the vast Australian outback, its silhouette casting a lengthening shadow in the setting sun. It is a breathtakingly simple, yet hauntingly beautiful design that resonates with coin collectors around the world.

The Kangaroo at Sunset design is the Mint’s jewel in the crown, having every prospect of continued longevity of design.

• The coin’s reverse features the world-renowned design by the Mint’s celebrated sculptor Wojciech Pietranik
• Limited mintage of 2500
• Struck in 99.9% fine silver
• Finished to the Mint’s high quality proof standard
• Obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley
• Includes certificate of authenticity
• Australian legal tender