2018 $1 1oz Silver Uncirculated Coin -XXI COMMONWEALTH GAMES- A Legacy of Reconciliation

$54.95 $60.00

2018 $1 1oz Silver Uncirculated Coin - XXI COMMONWEALTH GAMES

The courage to follow their dreams can make an athlete persist through countless training sessions, through defeat and often physical pain, and through serious injury and mental exertion. Struck in pure fine silver, these brilliant coins are an invitation for all to share the dream of our athletes, as they take part in the biggest Australian sporting event of the decade, the XXI Commonwealth Games.

Artistic, sentimental and heartfelt, this coin acknowledges the Reconciliation Action Plan which has been developed for the XXI Commonwealth Games. Through its special position in Australia’s cultural landscape, the Reconciliation Action Plan will guide the Games towards the increased representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through employment, exhibiting Indigenous artistry, and incorporating genuine Indigenous cultural experiences into the Games’ program.