2017 $2 Al-Br Coin Remembrance Day


2017 $2 Al-Br Coin Remembrance Day

Honours the many Australians who have served in times of conflict
Struck by the Royal Australian Mint
Features a vibrant, full-colour depiction of rosemary, often associated with remembrance
An absolute must-have in strictly Uncirculated condition - click 'add to cart' now

A poignant tribute to all who have served during times of conflict, the 2017 $2 Remembrance Day Uncirculated Coin is a must-have for every decimal collector.

Struck by the Royal Australian Mint, and set in a custom-made Downies pack, this one-year-only $2 features a vibrant full-colour depiction of rosemary. With rosemary associated with remembrance, and sprigs of this aromatic herb worn on both Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, this new coin taps directly into the heart of Australia's wartime heritage.

A must-have for every Australian decimal collector, secure your coin in strictly Uncirculated condition now!