2016 Six Coin Unc Set - 50th Anniversary Of Australian Decimal Currency


2016 Six Coin Unc Set - 50th Anniversary Of Australian Decimal Currency

On the 50th anniversary of Australian decimal currency, the Royal Australian Mint’s annual Six Coin Uncirculated Set is both a memento of 2016 and a poignant reflection on the special place that coins have in Australian history. The beloved reverse designs of today are joined by depictions of Australia’s predecimal coins.

From the days when Australia was a fledgling nation with a rudimentary monetary system to the sophisticated coins which commemorate national milestones; coins have always played a special role in telling our national history. Each early Australian era can be represented through the change in coins. This includes the early European settlers who improvised with foreign currency, the colonial soldiers and their rum trade, the holey dollars and dumps which were struck by a convicted forger and the ingots, tokens and sovereigns made during the gold rush.

When Australia federated in 1901, our coins symbolised our bond with England. For the first nine years of this new nation, English currency was used as Australian money. In 1910, the first coins struck for this young country emulated the English monetary system. Pounds, shillings and pence were established as Australian money until the historic changeover to decimal currency on 14 February 1966.

• A celebration of the 50th anniversary of Australian decimal currency
• As a tribute to Australia’s history, the coins’ obverses feature both the traditional effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank Broadley and depictions of Australia’s pre-decimal coins
• Packaged on a presentation card and outer sleeve with historical information about Australian currency
• First Royal Australian Mint Year Set to feature unique designs on the obverse of every coin.
• Australian legal tender