2016 Monkey Family 1oz Colour Proof Tokelau Silver Coin



2016 Monkey Family 1oz Colour Proof Tokelau Silver Coin

Commemorate the Year of the Monkey (2016) as the year of the family with this coloured proof Tokelau coin.

In this coin, artist Alexander Vorodeyev has exquisitely captured the characteristics for which the monkey is known: wisdom, family support, maternal instincts and teaching.

The reverse side of this coin depicts a mother with her young infant as they enjoy eating. The mother is careful to not feed too much at once, and the infant is in good hands with this watchful mother. Maternal monkeys are responsive parents that are deeply committed to their offspring’s success.

Set against a mirrored field, the mother’s image is depicted in colour with subtle shading. The browns and greens are rich and vibrant colours that symbolize nature and learning – perfect for the monkey in its natural environment who is always learning.

The obverse side of this coin is also mirrored and features a remarkable relief image of Queen Elizabeth II, presented in fabulous detail. The coin also bears the royal badge of Tokelau, the tiny Pacific atoll where this coin is legal tender. The legends on this side indicate the coin’s denomination, purity and year.

The Monkey Family Colour Proof Tokelau Silver Coin may make the perfect addition to your silver coin collection, especially if you have been collecting the family series, such as the Goat Family or the Horse Family.

If you are new to coin collecting, this colourful coin will also make an excellent starting piece for your coin collection. This coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a presentation case.

Only 1,000 coins will be minted.