Royal Australian Mint 2015 Red Anzac Cove Lest We Forget War Graves $2 coin



 In tribute to the monumental centenary of the Anzac Cove landings, the Royal Australian Mint unveiled the 2015 LWF (Lest We Forget) Wargraves coin, a poignant commemoration of this historic event. Crafted with inspiration drawn from the iconic poppy, the coin features a striking and powerful, red-colored print that encapsulates the solemn and enduring words 'Lest We Forget,' serving as a heartfelt reminder of the sacrifices made during times of conflict.

Designed by the talented Aleksandra Stokic, the coin stands as a visual tribute to the Anzac legacy, honoring the courage and dedication of those who served. With 1.5 million of these coins minted, each piece becomes a meaningful and tangible connection to Australia's military history, allowing citizens to carry with them a piece of remembrance for the sacrifices made a century ago. The release of this coin is a testament to the Royal Australian Mint's commitment to preserving and commemorating the nation's significant historical moments through numismatic artistry. Coin ex Mint Bag.