2015 20c Uncirculated Coin - 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Sir Henry Parkes


2015 20c Uncirculated Coin - 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Sir Henry Parkes
2015 marks 200 years since the birth of the man who was arguably the most influential visionary in Australian history. As a fitting tribute to Sir Henry Parkes, this coin will be a patriotic keepsake for students, history buffs, political enthusiasts, coin collectors and passionate Australians.


In the 200 years since Sir Henry Parkes’ birth, much has been said about the man whose tireless efforts gave us the nation of Australia as we know it today. Described as ‘a colonial colossus’ and ‘the most commanding figure in Australian politics,’ he has been best known to generations of Australians as the Father of Federation.

Sir Henry served as Premier of New South Wales five times between 1872 and 1891, earning a knighthood in 1877. Whether heeding the cries from people for financial help, reforming education or inviting women to attend political meetings reserved for men, he showed that he was a leader with a social conscience and a vision for Australia’s future.

Although he died in 1896, five years before Federation, he has left many legacies in the nation he campaigned long and hard to establish. Most
fittingly, Australia’s first Parliament House stands in the Canberra suburb of Parkes, named after this instrumental leader.

• A tribute to one of the most celebrated and influential figures in Australian history
• Packaged on a presentation card featuring biographical details
• Coin’s reverse features a handsome portrait of Sir Henry
• Obverse features Queen Elizabeth II effigy sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley
• Australian legal tender