2015 $2 Silver Proof Coin - Australian Design



2015 $2 Silver Proof Coin - Australian Design

Since 1966, circulating coin designs have become familiar Australian icons. While commemorative and collector coins have come and gone during this time, these designs have endured. In this strictly limited release, the beloved world-renowned designs stand out as collector pieces or gift items in their own right, captured in stunning silver.

The $2 coin was first introduced on 20 June 1988. The $2 coin replaced the note of the same denomination. The designs for the $2 coin were developed from design brief to include a representation of the head and shoulders of a traditional Australian Aboriginal, a representation of the Southern Cross and a representation of Australian flora. Each Australian circulating coin represents a moment in Australia’s numismatic record, captured in precious metal for future generations to treasure.


On 14 February 1966, a new era in Australian currency began. The imperial system of pounds, shillings and pence was replaced by decimal currency. This represented Australia’s move in joining a worldwide money trend and an opportunity for the country’s new coin designs to reflect a truly Australian identity.

These coins were designed by Stuart Devlin, showcasing a range of uniquely-Australian wildlife. While there have been some changes throughout the years (the round 50 cent coin as well as the copper one and two cent coins are now cherished memories), they have become enduring icons of Australian culture. They were joined in 1984 by the one dollar coin and in 1988 by the two dollar coin.

The Royal Australian Mint has produced these coins since their introduction, and has also celebrated a number of significant themes and events on commemorative, uncirculated and proof coins that have captured the hearts and minds of many people.


• A beautiful combination of the familiar circulating coin designs and the Royal Australian Mint’s intricately-detailed proof coin standard

• Low mintage of 1000 coins for each denomination, with only 200 of each denomination available for individual sale

• Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

• Each coins’ obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II effigy sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley

• Australian legal tender