2014 $10 Gold Proof Coin - Kangaroo Series - Explorers First Sightings



2014 $10 Gold Proof Coin - Kangaroo Series - Explorers’ First Sightings

The second series featuring the Explorers’ First Sightings theme depicts a drawing by Henry Constantine Richter, originally sketched by John Gould. Famed wildlife author John Gould often sought the assistance of talented artists, including Richter.

Born into a family of artists around 1821, Richter produced hundreds of wildlife illustrations during his career, including all of the lithographs for Gould’s 1845 publication, The Mammals of Australia.
The inspiration for this beautiful design was taken from this publication. It captures Richter’s depiction of Western Grey Kangaroos which was taken from a sketch made by Gould on his 1838 journey to Australia.

Designer: Aaron Baggio