2013 $2 Gold Proof Coin Frilled Neck Lizard



2013 $2 Gold Proof Coin Frilled Neck Lizard

The Frilled Neck Lizard is seen as one of Australia’s great iconic reptiles. It deters its enemies by lifting the large frill around their necks and has an amazing ability to run extremely fast on its hind legs. The Frilled Neck Lizard can grow between 70 – 90 cm long and lives mainly in hot tropical climates.

This 0.5 gram gold coin offers an inexpensive entry into the gold market and displays an artistic impression of the Frilled Neck Lizard positioned on a rock sunning itself. This 99.99% gold proof coin is 11.15 mm in diameter and one of the smallest coins the Royal Australian Mint has produced. This coin is presented in a stylish black case with an outer box featuring an Australian outback design and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This coin is available for sale on 4 February 2013 and has a limited mintage of 7500.

Designer: Aleksandra Stokic