2012 Six Coin Proof Set Selectively Gold Plated 50c Coin Edition



2012 Six Coin Proof Set – Selectively Gold Plated 50c Coin Edition

The Royal Australian Mint's Year Sets are highly prized coin sets and are sought after by collectors all over the world. Each year these sets provide an invitation to look more closely at the coins we see every day, rediscover the detail of their design and appreciate their beauty and craftsmanship. Individually, each set appropriately commemorates the year of its release and consecutively, they provide the foundation of a comprehensive collection of Australian coins. The 2012 Special Edition Year Sets are no exception and with the inclusion of two very distinctive 50 cent coins they make it anything but traditional. After all, we are the Royal Australian Mint – innovators not imitators.

The showpiece of this collection is undoubtedly the selectively gold plated 50 cent piece, featuring the Australian Coat of Arms as sculpted by Stuart Devlin. This magnificent piece and accompanying coins earmark this set as unique to 2012 and will become a true treasure. All six coins have been finished to a world-standard proof quality, using an intricate process of individual pressing and hand polishing under pristine conditions.

Mintage 50,000