2003 Royal Australian Mint Six Coin Mint Set - Volunteers

$36.95 $40.00

2003 Royal Australian Mint Six Coin Mint Set - Australia's Volunteers

This 2003 Six Coin Uncirculated Set has been produced by The Royal Australian Mint, to pay tribute to over four million Australians, who give freely of their time to help those around them and the causes they believe in.

The 20 cent coin features a sea of faces such as yoy would see in any town or village and any number of which will be a volunteer. The 50 cent coin features just some of the many voluntter activities that we engage in, for example - helping to provide food to the aged and needy, the provision of clothing and shelter, caring for children and young people, helping after our environmrnt. The $1 coin highlights, in a few words, the wonderful legacy of Australia's Volunteers...'Making a difference".

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