Wishing To Sell?

Are you interested in selling your coin/banknote?  Whether you have a small or a large collection.

We offer 3 ways to sell directly to us, trade-in for store credit or on consignment.

Direct Buy:
The Fast Cash Option

We will buy select items outright for a fair value after authenticity has been verified.
Appraised price is according to current market value through our research data and is not based on the original retail price or catalog value.
Direct Buy is the quickest way to sell. However, you can receive more for your item with trade-in or by consigning it with us.

Trade-In for Store Credit:
Immediate Shopping dollars We will issue store credit for select items after authenticity has been verified.
Store credit can be used immediately once accepted.

Wait Patiently, then Get the Most Cash

We will use our online store, email customer base and other selling avenues to sell your collection and pay 50-60% of the proceeds to you.
We cover all sales transaction expenses such as credit card fees, PayPal fees and all the process expenses detailed above, including shipping and handling.
If your item has not sold after 90 days, it can be returned to you.
Initial price is determined according to current market value through our research data.
After 30 days the price can be reduced by a mutually-agreed amount.
After 90 days we can return your item to you, per your request.

Upon receipt, My Collectables will be responsible for the promotion, care and customer service associated with selling your items, including authentication, market price evaluation, professional photography, detailed description, In-store merchandising, Internet listing, customer communication, and secure packaging, shipping and insurance of your property. We will take all necessary steps to sell your item quickly for the best price possible.

We issue consignment payments via Direct Deposit or Paypal once the item has sold.
Direct buy payments are made after the item has been received, The authentication may take several days, depending on the size of your collection,
and we will issue payment as soon as possible.

Any direct buy or trade-in offer we make is not guaranteed until the item is examined physically for condition and authenticity confirmed

If this sounds fair to you, please call 02 8060 5024 or email us No collection is too small or too large. An email costs you nothing,  so what have you got to lose?