The Zuytdorp follows on from the first two popular releases in the series featuring the Batavia and the Gilt Dragon.

The Zuytdorp silver investment coins capture the mystery and intrigue surrounding one of Australia’s most fascinating shipwrecks and are the third instalments in the four-part Australian Shipwreck Series. Minted in a brilliant uncirculated finish, these coins are representative of the quality, credibility and style investors and entry-level collectors have come to expect from the Royal Australian Mint.

In 1711, Dutch East India Company trading ship, the Zuytdorp (meaning ‘South Village’), set out from the Netherlands for Batavia on what was to be its third and final voyage. Onboard were more than 200 men and precious cargo comprising 250,000 silver coins.
After nearly seven months at sea with scurvy claiming the lives of many men, the Zuytdorp continued its journey from the Cape of Good Hope via the Indian Ocean.

Zuytdorp never arrived at Batavia and with no knowledge of where it may have sunk or whether it had been taken by pirates, no search was ever made. The wreck was found more than 200 years later off the coast of Western Australia along a stretch now known as the Zuytdorp Cliffs. Divers of the wreck have reported a ‘Carpet of Silver’ – the result of thousands of silver coins strewn along the ocean floor. These coins inscribed with ‘Zeeland’ and ‘1711’ helped identify the wreck as the ill-fated Zuytdorp, which still abounds in mystery today.

• Limited mintage of 20,000 silver coins
• Brilliant uncirculated finish by the Royal Australian Mint
• Guaranteed metal content and quality with silver coin minted to .999 purity
• Design features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II effigy designed by Jody Clark and dramatic scenes from Zuytdorp’s voyage
• Australian legal tender

Presented in an acrylic capsule that fits the coin's unique shape