Author: My Collectables   Date Posted:16 October 2017 

2017 10 -Coin Collection in Pop-Up Book - PLANETARY COINS​ - This exciting new product combines a human fascination with the worlds beyond our own, with lifelong curiosity for the coins we hold in our own hands and pockets.

 In its exciting packaging of a pop-up book and filled with information about our Solar System, it is a true celebration of engineering, science, artistry, innovation and imagination. This is the first time the Royal Australian Mint has pulled together such an extensive variety of blanks into one collection.

Human beings have had a long-standing fascination with the expanse beyond our own world. From the youngest stargazer to the most established astronomer, the night sky has always presented great possibilities. From the chance to understand other planets to the hope of discovering new entities, the solar system has proven to inspire imagination, analysis and self-reflection.
The names of planets are true testimonies to the special affinity that humans have always felt for them, sharing their identities with gods and goddesses from classical mythology: Mercury, the lightning-fast messenger of the Roman gods; Venus, the Roman goddess of love; Mars, the Roman god of war; Jupiter, the Roman god of sky and thunder; Saturn, the king of Titans and the father of time; Uranus, the Greek god of sky; Neptune, the Roman god of the sea; and Pluto, the god of the underworld

• Ten-coin set, featuring the Sun and all the planets in the Solar System, including the dwarf planet Pluto
• Innovatively presented in a pop-up book - filled with information about the Sun and each planet
• Finished to the Royal Australian Mint’s frosted uncirculated standard
• Coins’ reverses feature colour-printed depictions of the planets and a decorative border representing some of its main characteristics
• Special bimetallic coin to represent Saturn and its rings
• Coins’ obverses feature the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley
• Australian legal tender

An unboxing video featuring close up footage of the Planetary Coins packaging and coins, and the Pop-up book unfolded in its entirety, can be viewed here:
A tutorial video explaining how to unfold the Planetary Coins Pop-up book correctly, as to minimise any risk of damage during the process, can be viewed here: