2021 Centenary of Ginger Meggs Coin Sets

2021 Centenary of Ginger Meggs Coin Sets

Jun 03, 2021

2021 $1 Coloured AlBr Uncirculated 2 Coin Set - Centenary of Ginger Meggs

2021 $1 Coloured 1/2oz Silver Frunc 2 Coin Set - Centenary of Ginger Meggs

A century ago, artist and illustrator Jimmy Bancks introduced Australia to an enduring character – Ginger Meggs, the larrikin schoolboy with the shock of red hair.

Created by illustrator Jimmy Bancks in 1921, Ginger Meggs has featured in newspaper comic strips in Australia and around the world ever since. Ginger Meggs is now produced by cartoonist Jason Chatfield.

In 1921, Sydney artist Jimmy Bancks created a comic strip called Us Fellers, which first appeared in the comic section of the Sunday Sun newspaper, featuring a red-headed boy wearing a black waistcoat named Ginger Smith.

He soon became Ginger Meggs, an enduring Aussie character, part battler, part larrikin and part philosopher, who with his mates Ocker and Benny and girlfriend Minnie Peters, continues to amuse readers to this day.

Ginger Meggs and his gang experienced the highs and lows of Australia – sporting success, the depression, the Second World War and most recently, the Coronavirus, all with irreverent good humour.

Following Jimmy Bancks’ death in 1952, Ginger Meggs has been produced by a succession of talented illustrators - Ron Vivian (1953-1973), Lloyd Piper (1973-1982), James Kemsley (1983-2007) and by Jason Chatfield since 2007.

Ginger Meggs is Australia’s most successful comic strip, appearing in newspapers around the world. There has even been a movie and a stage musical, books and songs such as Just a Little Ginger Headed Feller from 1938.