2014-2015-2016 50c CuNi Unc Coins - Australia at War - Set of 15

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2014-2015-2016 50c CuNi Uncirculated Coins - Australia at War - Set of 15


2014 - Boer War, German New Guinea, Battle of Cocos Island, Western Front, Flying Corps and Gallipoli Campaign

2015 - El Alamein, Greece and Crete, Tobruk, Empire Air Training Scheme and War in the Pacific.

2016 - Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation and Korean War

2014 50c CuNi Colour Printed Uncirculated Australia at War - Boer War

As a testimony to colonial Australians’ loyalty to the British motherland, the Royal Australian Mint presents this tribute to those who served in the Boer War, defending the lives and honour of British subjects in South Africa. As a symbol of history, commitment, tradition and pride, this coin is a welcome addition to the Australia at War series.

2014 50c CuNi Uncirculated Australia at War - German New Guinea

As a poignant reminder of the struggles faced during the First World War, the Australia at War series commemorates those who contended with the German colony of New Guinea. This conflict marks the earliest example of unity among Australian volunteers – and the first Australian lives to be claimed by the War.

2014 50c CuNi Uncirculated Australia at War - Battle of Cocos Island

As Australia commemorates a centenary of Anzac service, the Royal Australian Mint’s Australia at War series remembers the Battle of Cocos Islands. A century later, this battle is still being remembered as Australia’s first naval victory. A bravely-fought conflict that was close to our homes and close to our hearts.

2014 50c Uncirculated Colour Printed Coin Australia at War - The Western Front

The Western Front was the major battle zone for British and Dominion Forces during the First World War and the location for many of Australia’s greatest contributions to the war effort. This is commemorated on this coin which will be sought after by coin collectors, war historians and service personnel past and present.

2014 50c Uncirculated Coin Australia at War - Flying Corps

The story of the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) is a testimony to the drive and resourcefulness of a young nation, showcasing its talent to the world. Officers of the AFC are depicted on this 50c Uncirculated Coin, along with an early combat aircraft in commemoration of the industrious pilots and their invaluable support to Australia’s First World War allies.

2014 50c Uncirculated Coin Australia at War - Gallipoli Campaign

The term ’Anzac’ is forever entwined with the Gallipoli Campaign, where the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps fought side-by-side. The shared qualities of courage, mateship and honour displayed on the shores and foothills of Gallipoli, forged the Anzac legend. We commemorate the centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign with this beautiful and memorable coin.

2015 50c Uncirculated Coin - Australia at War - El Alamein

In the early stages of the Second World War, Australian and Allied forces faced an uphill battle against the German and Italian Axis forces. From their North African base, Axis forces sought to seize control of the Suez Canal and the oilfields of the Middle East. In 1942, the Allies’ fortunes began to change due to two significant actions in the Egyptian town of El Alamein. In July, the Allies prevented Axis troops from advancing on to Alexandria despite facing a heavy offensive.

2015 50c Uncirculated Coin - Australia at War - Greece

In 1941, Germany had great fears of Greece becoming a British ally, which would jeopardise Germany’s access to the Romanian oilfields.
To protect their interests, Germany subsequently invaded Greece. Although the risks of defending Greece were apparent, British, Australian and New Zealand soldiers banded together to help defend a country that would soon be vulnerable.

2015 50c Uncirculated Coin - Australia At War - Crete

In 1941, during the Second World War, as Australian and Allied troops began withdrawing from Greece, many were relocated to the island of Crete to sustain the Royal Navy’s garrison. While German forces were initially engaged in other battles, they sought to capture the island’s three main airfields, launching an assault on Crete on 20 May.

2015 50c Uncirculated Coin - Australia at War -Tobruk

In 1941, Australian and Allied forces sought to defend Egypt and the Suez Canal from the German and Italian Axis forces. To achieve this, it was vital that the Allies hold the fortified port of Tobruk on the Libyan coast. Not only would this delay the Axis’ advance, but would also force their troops to carry the many supplies overland across 1500 kilometres of desert.

2015 50c Uncirculated Coin - Australia at War - Empire Air Training Scheme

At the outbreak of the Second World War, Britain did not have the manpower to maintain the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the impending war in Europe. A plan was subsequently put forward to form a pool of trained aircrew from all corners of the Commonwealth. Over 37,000 Australian airmen trained in air schools all across the British Empire. Many went on to serve alongside British, Canadian, New Zealand, Rhodesian, and South African aircrews in the RAF’s air war over Europe.

2015 50c Uncirculated Coin - Australia at War - War in the Pacific

The war came to Australia in 1942 when Japanese forces in the Pacific overran British and Commonwealth forces in Malaya and Singapore
and invaded New Guinea. Darwin and Northern Australia were repeatedly bombed while Sydney and Newcastle were also attacked.

2016 50c CuNi Uncirculated Coin -Australia At War- Malayan Emergency 

Remembering the soldiers who served during the Malayan Emergency, this intricately designed coin is part of the official Australia at War program and Anzac Centenary commemorations. This coin will be cherished by military historians, coin collectors and those whose families have served in conflict.

2016 50c CuNi Uncirculated Coin -Australia At War- Indonesian Confrontation 

In recognition of the involvement of our soldiers in the Indonesian Confrontation, this coin has been produced as part of the Australia at War program and Anzac Centenary commemorations. This coin will be cherished by military historians, coin collectors and those whose families have served in conflict.

2016 50c CuNi Unciruclated Coin -Australia At War- Korean War

Paying tribute to the soldiers that fought in the Korean War, this colour printed coin is part of the official Australia at War program and Anzac Centenary commemorations. Featuring a colour print representing medal ribbons received following the conflict, this coin will be cherished by military historians, coin collectors and those whose families have served in conflict.

• Part of the Royal Australian Mint’s Offcial Anzac Centenary Coin Program and Australia at War Series
• Packaged in a presentation card featuring specific subject matter imagery
• Finished to the Royal Australian Mint’s uncirculated quality standard
• Obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II effigy sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley
• Australian legal tender


Denomination 50c
Metal Cu Ni
Mass 15.55g
Diameter 31.51 mm
Finish Uncirculated
Mintage 50 000 each
SKU 1858
Brand Royal Australian Mint

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